a teetering bulb of alienated dread and utopian dream of the conquest of bread not a postmodern meme of confusion and fear awkward and sincere earnest and unironic not detached or sardonic -----------------------

Most modern bureaucracies identify me with the name Pulkit Manocha. But more often, I'm called Pulkit.
What am I? - An amorphous philistine philandering with philosophy, code, political theory, algorithms, software, and confusion. - A bundle of questions and doubts that emerge from a critical rejection of conventional social norms and institutions. - A fusion of influences, some of which cited and discussed on this website. What am I not? - Not an instantiation of a platonic abstraction. Not a "software engineer", "man", "son", "_ist", or "_ian". - Not solely a consumer. Not what clothes I wear, what films I watch, what objects I purchase. - Not a solipsist. Not a singular cartesian entity emerging from vacuum. What do I currently care (and write) about? - Writing better programs and solving interesting algorithmic problems. - Crafting a political consciousness unclouded by reification and dogma - Imagining a life more meaningful than one dictated by bourgeois injunctions - Understanding violence, particularly its systemic manifestations. - The politics of contentment socially contingent upon the suffering of another. - Division of labour and what it means for my social existence. - Eschewing conventional notions of machismo (aesthetic and behavioral)
Sometimes I'm here: looking at books on Goodreads And sometimes here: spamming my flippant thoughts And sometimes here: rereading Kropotkin's appeal to the young And sometimes here: tracking music on Last.fm And sometimes here: maintaining a running thread of captivating images And sometimes here: taking notes to improve my culinary library And sometimes here: playing chess And sometimes away..
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