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A compilation of injunctions and diktats that I encounter often: promulgated towards me by people influenced by advertising and films. Forms of life glorified in pop culture for their capacity to signal conspicuous consumption, class, materia status and privilege. Forms purchased in ideology by a population that identifies itself first as consumers aspiring to the image of an elite nobility. This is my attempt to locate the most common bourgeois ideological imperatives.
-> Purchase objects for conspicuous consumption to signal wealth and status. -- Purchase expensive personal automobiles -- Purchase expensive branded luxury clothes -- Purchase the latest technological gadget -- Purchase a house in a gentrified neighborhood with (x+1) bedrooms -- Purchase expensive ornaments to signal material luxury -> Make individual consumption the pursuit of one's parawork life. -> Travel: as a tourist to consume images of novel cities -> Harbor the protestant work ethic: irrespective of the work provided -> Constantly maximize productivity: independent of the the product -> Prioritize career over all else: over cultural or socio-political development -> Drink: as the predominant substance facilitating a social existence -> Drink more than someone else: to describe worth -> Drink and have fun: as a measure of social success -> Land lucrative employment: as a measure of personal success -> Monogamously form romantic love: with a specific model partner.. -> Practice mindfulness: to diffuse anxieties/discontents -> Be positive: avoid skepticism and critical inquiry into existing systems -> Work overtime, seek promotions and higher ranked positions -> Be sophisticated: appreciate meaningless formalistic art -> Speak standard written english: as a measure of one's erudition -> Wear branded clothes: as a source of personal confidence & attract a model spouse. -> Not demand radical change and instead hope for liberal reform -> Not whine about the inadequacy of current systems -> Assume greed and selfishness are natural human traits -> Identify a clear sense of individualist self -> Primarily live for one's own individual self -> Invest money: into the stock market -> Cherish idealized beauty: and appreciate the abstractions that inform it -> Cultivate philosophical refinement as opposed to pragmatic empathy -> Cultivate linguistic refinement instead of linguistic diversity

pulkit manocha generally around 2018