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   I was recently asked to accompany someone for apartment hunting. We saw three rooms in lajpat nagar (old double storey) and a fourth in East of kailash - each of which cost around Rs 8500. Apart from the obvious factors that go into deciding which place to rent - access to amenities, cost, location, security and commute - there always end up being subtle non-utilitarian factors for consideration that primarily come down to aesthetic preferences.

   We want our lives to be adorned by pretty sights, sounds, people, stories etc. Among the following rooms - which appeals to you the most? If they all provided the same basic amenities at the same cost, which would you prefer to live in the least? why? what attracts or repels you about these units?

   My parents have lived in rooms not unlike this while growing up. Yet after about several decades of working and incrementally improving their house, they're at a point where they might not be comfortable living in places that don't hold the aesthetic and utilitarian luxuries they've earned for themselves. Their preferences have changed and included a yearning for bigger spaces by the year.

   I've often wondered how much I would need to subsist without much discomfort but beyond a certain point of access to basic amenities, comfort becomes an almost entirely relative social aesthetic measure. Social because one ends up wanting to live in places where one feels comfortable inviting their friends, lovers, family, colleagues. Relative because we've all exhibited the capacity to survive anywhere between caves to hotels - with the right kind of tools and adaptations.

 I invite you to inhabit these rooms and imagine your daily activities here for fun - just like Chaandni, the child who showed us these rooms invited us too. Does your sentiment about living here change with the kind of music/audio that accompanies it?

Can you squeeze your life and its joys in here? does listening to music while consuming these images help you fetishize a certain kind of life a bit more?

The entrance. entrance The corridor going up to the first floor corridor: corridor1 First floor corridor and its views: corridor2 corridor3 corridor4 Rooms: Room 1: room1 Room 2: room2 Room 3: room3 Terrace views: All sorts of shapes and colors in vertical rectangular blocks. terrace3 terrace1 terrace2 Bathroom room1-kitch room1-bath After some discussion, we went to a different neighborhood, far less congested and containing buildings that seemed to be newer, better maintained. The room there cost the same but was almost instantly decided as the prefered unit. Bigger windows, more space, monochromatic, better lit, next to a park, wider and quieter streets. The works. Yet the same price as all the above three rooms. Room 4: room4 Terrace: terrace5

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