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goya's dog
goya's giant
more work more get
darkest night
fight or die in paris revolt may 1968
raining in a japanese woodblock
antidesert oasis
goya's death
bedridden girl
soft countryscape A soft countryscape - antithesis to cityscapes.
the paris commune The Paris Commune
waking up to the absence of youth Waking up to the absence of youth.
green sour fairies Fairies! Dancing! How endearing.
a pretty nadir Taken near culver city during an intensely depressing time.
rooftop bully Taken at Ramesh Nagar during a less intensely depressing time.
moi Goya's troubled monster. What causes him this much anguish?
how i imagine i listen to someone i love How I imagine I listen to someone I admire.

collected and adored by pulkit manocha